Friday, April 20, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Soundtrack CD Review

More than 90% of the time, movie soundtracks are nothing more than a complete waste of plastic that may have one or two decent songs on it, but in most cases those couple songs are easily available elsewhere. Glancing over the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie soundtrack track listing, it’s hard to have any amount of hope that this release will have a single redeeming song on it. Sadly, even after digging for reasons to explain this CD's existence, there are hardly even any slightly delusional positives to make note of.

It should be pointed out that there are only nine tracks on this disc that can be considered actual songs and not movie tie-ins or skits, and a couple of these songs still have tangential ties to the movie. The skits and movie related cuts are all funny enough the first time you hear them, but there is no need to ever listen to them again. Looking at each individual song, it’s easy to see that none of the bands present really turn in very strong efforts.

Mastodon contribute what can only be a joke track. At under two minutes in length and consisting of the band doing their best Megadeth mixed with hair metal impression, “Cut You Up with a Linoleum Knife” is a complete waste of their talent. Following that, Early Man bring a totally throwaway stoner rock jam to the table. It’s repetitive, boring, and uninspired.

On the upside now, however, Unearth put forth a straight ahead Unearth song. “The Chosen” wouldn’t have felt out of place on either of their last two releases. It’s actually a pretty good song and provides one of the few bright spots on this overly blemished disc. The next track up, however, comes from the always lame Andrew W.K.. Why was this guy ever appealing? “Party Party Party” is two minutes of Andrew telling us he wants to party. If I would have known this kind of tripe actually sells, I could have been famous 10 times over by now.

Things get mildly more interesting with 9lb Hammer’s dirty punk tribute to Carl, the wife beater and flip flop wearing character from the movie. After that, however, Brass Castle’s “Bookworm Resin” sounds like a really bad garage band performance. You’ve all heard bar bands with better written songs. Oddly straying from the rock theme of the disc, the six minute long “Blam Blam” from Killer Mike is actually a solid reggae influenced hip hop track. It would fit in perfectly on modern hip hop radio right alongside 50 Cent and the myriad of rappers in his posse.

Rounding out the CD are cuts from Insane-O-Flex and The Hold Steady. The first contributes “I Like Your Booty (but I’m not Gay)”, a techno track that reeks of an unfunny attempt at creating a clever club cut. The latter gives you “Girls like Status”, a fairly good, straight up rock n roll tune. It’s on par with anything from their last release, but not overly impressive.

So… at the end of it all what do you have? One good metal song, one good hip hop track, a bunch of half-assed rock songs, and a bunch of movie related crap that doesn’t deserved to be spun more than once or twice. It doesn’t look very good does it? Didn’t think so. Avoid this crap and go watch the movie.

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