Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jittery and on Edge

It's almost May, folks. I'm not even kidding. As April was approaching, my internal clock was finally getting readjusted and caught up. Instead of operating feeling as though it was a month before it actually was (in February, I felt like I was still in January), March was feeling like March. With my moving, however, I've been so busy every single day of April that my body hasn't had the time to process the days going by and as I look at my calendar, seeing April over half gone already, I realize that once again my body is going into "one month behind" mode.

Because of this, I've been feeling a little extra stressed and panicky because of all that I know I have coming up here in May that I'm just not mentally ready to deal with yet because I'm still dealing with things that I should have had done here in April.

I find myself being more fidgety at night when I want to sleep. Usually it's because I'm thinking about how I'm captaining two ultimate frisbee teams this summer and the drafts are shortly upcoming (one is this Friday already), or how I have a bachelor party to go to in a couple weekends and that shortly after that I'm in that friend's wedding, or I remember that my little brother Ryan is graduating soon and that I probably won't get to see any of his senior year track meets, or that my other brother, Randy, is flying in to town (today!) and the plans changed at the last minute, with me being more inflexible than I usually am, or that I have to start planning for the vacation I'm going on with my family and that I have a vacation I need to organize and plan for my friends and myself to go on this summer (preferably to Boston), or that I still have just way too much on my plate for the few hours a night I have after I'm done with work for the day.

So I get flustered, which isn't totally terrible. Everyone gets flustered at times. The worst part is knowing I'm flustered and not being able to un-fluster myself. I'm sure I just need to keep plowing through everything and maybe by mid-summer I'll be able to readjust, but right now it's just frustrating.

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