Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fun Project


I have a lot of CDs and a lot of DVDs. This is a fact. At my previous residences, they've been haphazardly "organized" spanning multiple racks, shelves, rooms, boxes, and what have you. Now that I'm living somewhere permanent, I figured it was time to fix that. With some help from my dad (seriously, dads can help do anything--you just have to ask them), we built the above pictured shelving system into a perfectly shaped recess in my basement living room.

I was able to fit pretty much all of my DVDs and CDs on to this structure, which is really a Godsend when I want to find a particular movie or disc. Instead of trying to remember which rack I had a particular thing on, I could simply consult my "wall of media" which is, by the way, alphabetized, and find what I want.

What's going to suck is when I eventually fill up this shelf system. Then what do I do? I'll probably have to build another shelf system adjacent to it. But hopefully that doesn't happen for a while because shelves are expensive, even when you make them yourself. The combination of 3 heavy duty wall mounts, 27 adjustable supports, and 9 pieces of shelf grade lumber (each shelf is 66 inches long) cost around $115 at Home Depot. It's well worth it, though.

UPDATE: I just noticed that if you view the full size version of the photo, you can actually make out the DVDs on the shelf (too much glare on the CDs), so you can also check out what type of taste I have in movies.

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