Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mini Golf Mania

Right now I'm on vacation with my parents in the Wisconsin Dells, a tourist trap town (in a good way) filled with water parks, go-karting, random man-made sights, and (most importantly) mini golf. My family, having never been much for the kitschy haunted houses, "event sights", and water parks, usually takes in plenty of mini golf whenever we come to the Dells. This year is no different.

Once again, my family splurged and we purchased the full 90 holes of golf--that's five 18 hole forays. So far we've been through three courses here at Pirate's Cove. Oh, and before I forget to mention it, our family is a tad bit serious about our mini golfing. Since none of us are any good at real golf, we get competitive with mini golf with the winner of each round getting gloating privileges until the next round. The overall winner for the vacation gets gloat privileges until the next vacation.

With three rounds done, I've played decently well. The first round I shot 2 under par and won the round. The second round I came in at 1 over par for another win. The third round, however, I got dominated by my dad as I finished a horrible 5 over par. With two rounds left, all I need to do is win one of them to be the overall winner. With dad catching fire and my game slowly going downhill, it should be a close race. And there's always the chance that my mom or Kristi might win a game... a chance :-)

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